Sunday, February 23, 2014

...There Is A Band Called Climax Blues Band. And They Rock.

If ever I had been transported back to the 1970s on a cold, winter morning, I can say it was certainly today, thanks to a band I had never heard of and a 38 year-old song that I knew nothing about.

I had thought that my classic rock band and song discovering days were long behind me, but lo and behold, a rocking classic recently came out of the mist and into this writer's life.  And when I say out of the mist, I mean quite literally, as you'll see in the music video below.

You can't get much more seventies than this music video.  The mystifying mist, the striped pants, and the fuzzy's a seventies music video, through and through.

But the lyrics are seventies, too.  These guys are searching for a sign in the middle of the night (as if that weren't already mysterious enough and as if seventies rock bands weren't already rock gods).  It could be a metaphorical sign I suppose but it is indeed a literal sign.  According to bassist/vocalist Derek Holt, those were the days before the band began using tour buses and when they were traveling on the road in a car late into the night and finally saw an old Holiday Inn sign, it meant they could go to bed (thank you SongFacts and Wikipedia!).  I do love historical significance!

And have you ever seen a lead singer of a rock band who rocked out with...not a microphone, not a guitar, not the drums...but a saxophone.  Very cool, in my opinion.

Not to mention it's just awesomely catchy (I kept on looking for a way to take me through the ni-igh-ight).  Take a listen and be transported back to a wilder time.  If I was searching for a hotel in the middle of the night, this would be the song I would be singing.