A Hippie-Like Sonnet

They walk barefoot along the dirty street
Guitars in hand and flowers in their hair
Sunshine and rain is what they think is sweet
Rambling on without a single care.
They hear the music strongly in their minds
Their hearts sing the praises of peace and love
They fight authority to break their binds
And put their faith into forces above.
But it's not all sunshine when he sees fire
And gunshots block out what he once thought true
Concerns like these may seem rather dire
When he no longer knows what he should do.
But he knew what it felt like to be free
He was once a loving, happy hippie.

A Collection of Abstractions

Life flows alongside the river
wearing a purple bandana,
dancing through the daisies.

Love waits on the dock
wearing a red, velvet scarf,
waving goodbye...for now.

Time races through the neighborhood
wearing a gold watch,
nodding to unsuspecting pedestrians.

Happiness peeks around the corner
wearing a pair of dark sunglasses,
studying those who pass.

Life, love, time, and happiness clasp hands
wearing their finest,
dancing in circles.

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