Tuesday, December 18, 2012

...My Imagination Is A Forest.

I'm not usually one for mysterious metaphors, but in this case, I think it's appropriate.  It seems only fitting to begin my blog, which is entitled "Into The Proverbial Forest of Imagination," with this completley random fact: I love forests.

I mean, I'm no nature fanatic.  I've never saved the forests, I don't spend hours meditating on tree stumps, and I certainly don't hunt or chop logs.  I could not tell you the difference between a red maple and a yellow maple.  I think insects are creepy.

But when I hear a bird sing, I stop and listen.  I notice when the leaves change and I often wonder where the forest in my backyard leads to.  I feel a connection to history when I walk into any woods.  And I've been known to hug the occasional tree back in my day.

Standing at the edge of a forest before venturing in and discovering all sorts of wild things reminds me of imagination, or at least, my imagination.  To discover new and interesting information or to concoct an interesting tale, you first have to stand at the edge of your mind before venturing into your forest of imagination.

And when you step into an unknown forest, you may be pleasantly surprised at the beauty you find.  Of course, you may also encounter a bear and be frightened to your very core.  You could get lost, you may get caught in bramble bushes and tear your clothing, and you could contract a very serious case of poison ivy.

But this forest will become a familiar place that you will revist again and again.  You'll learn to navigate through the thicket of thorns and you'll know where to step to ensure a successful crossing.  You'll find favorite places that are your very own, places of strength and creativity and inspiration.  And you may always be surprised, discovering a river that was never seen before or a waterfall that was once hidden.  And always, once you've left to go see to some other ordinary daily task, you will long to go back.

These are the joys of a forest.  These are the joys of an imagination well-used.

Here's to the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.  I have a feeling I will be featuring many forests in my future novels one day.

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